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In cases where a patient’s natural tooth is severely damaged, crowns offer necessary protection. Dr. Alina Lane of All Smiles Dentistry offers customized crowns to patients throughout New York. To learn more about crowns, patients should make an appointment with Dr. Lane.

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Crowns Q&A

by Alina Lane, DDS

What are crowns?


A crown is a synthetic cap made of porcelain or a similar material. Dr. Lane places it on top of a tooth to protect it and stabilize it. She uses cement to attach the crown to the tooth securely.

When are crowns necessary?


Crowns are usually necessary when a tooth has become too decayed or damaged to continue to function properly. They’re often used to protect teeth that have had root canal therapy. Dr. Lane may also recommend a crown for a tooth with severe cosmetic defects.

What happens during crown placement?


Crown placement usually requires at least 2 appointments. Before crown placement, Dr. Lane prepares the tooth to receive the crown. In some cases, this may require root canal therapy. In other cases, Dr. Lane will simply remove decay. Dr. Lane will also shape the tooth so the crown will fit over it easily. At the end of this process, she will place a temporary crown over the tooth.

During the next appointment, Dr. Lane will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent crown. Before cementing the permanent crown into place, she will make sure that it fits properly. She may also shape the outside of the new crown to provide the patient with a comfortable bite. Finally, she will use strong cement to attach the crown to the tooth.

Is crown placement painful?


The process of preparing the tooth for a crown may be painful without anesthetic. However, Dr. Lane uses an anesthetic to keep the patient comfortable during treatment. Cementing the crown into place is rarely painful, but she offers anesthetic to patients who are concerned about the procedure.

How much does a crown cost?


The cost of a crown varies. In some cases, the patient’s insurance may cover a portion of the crown’s cost. However, in other cases, the patient will need to pay for the crown out-of-pocket. Dr. Lane provides patients with a detailed quote before beginning service so they can prepare accordingly.

Will the crown match natural teeth?


Crowns are customized to match the color of the patient’s natural teeth closely. Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Lane at All Smiles Dentistry.

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