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Dr. Hieu Pham, DDS

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Cosmetic and General Dentist

Dr. Hieu Pham has been most interested in finding a practice that shares his ethics and is invested in clinical mastery, which is why he is thrilled to have joined the All Smiles Dentistry team. He believes that as dentists, we have a responsibility to treat the whole patient and speak to the connection between what we can diagnose as dentists and overall health. Educating his patients about their findings leads to valuing what we are able to offer, and empowers them to take better care of themselves.

Patient Care Philosophy

Dr. Hieu Pham mainly enjoys what many would call bread and butter dentistry – restorative, crown and bridge work. When patients present to him in pain, he always offers solutions to try and get them out of pain. He has a clear understanding of perio and endo diagnosis and prognosis. 

As a dentist, his core values are compassion, ethics, and skills. He continues to invest in the best continuing education that he can find, Dr. Hieu Pham treats his patients like he would his own family, and most importantly, he genuinely loves people and am honored to be a part of their wellbeing!

Fun Facts!
  • He enjoys exploring new restaurants around the city and being a "Foodie"

  • He hails from Texas but was born in Vietnam!

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