Implant Post-Op Home Care

An implant placement and/or bone graft is a surgical operation. The following temporary side effects usually occur as a normal consequence of surgery:

  • Swelling and bruising - this can be significant

  • Nose bleed

  • Discomfort and bleeding

  • Difficulty opening your mouth, eating and speaking

General Points:
  • Do not blow your nose, smoke, drink through a straw or lift your cheek to look at the suture.

  • If you sneeze, do so with your mouth open to lessen the pressure.

  • If your nose bleeds a lot or if you become away of hard granules in your mouth or nose, contact the doctor's office for further advice and care.

  • Do not rinse your mouth for the remainder of the day - if you do rinse, the clot of blood may be washed away and bleeding may start again.

  • If bleeding continues, please contact the office for further advice and care.

  • If the blood clot is lost, there is a greater risk of infection. this is indicated by increasing pain on/ after the 3rd day of healing.

  • Do not perform vigorous exercise for 7-14 days.

  • Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol for 3-5 days as this may cause bleeding.

  • Sutures placed will dissolve over the course of 5-10 days but are usually removed at your follow-up visit

Pain Relief:
  • We will provide you with prescriptions on your way out for a pain reliever and antibiotic. Use as directed.

Oral Hygiene:
  • Use a warm salt water rinse twice a day for 1 week

  • Clean the rest of your teeth as normal.

  • Use caution when cleaning around the area of surgery and do not pull on sutures

  • Eat soft foods such as soup, pasta, well-cooked vegetables, eggs, etc. Remove any crusts from bread if they are hard. Progress to firmer foods once the discomfort and soreness wears off. Avoid spicy foods.

Day of Treatment:
  • Take your prescription medications as directed. You may expect to have some discomfort when the anesthesia wears off. You should consistently feel better each day. If discomfort increases after 3-4 days, please call the office.

  • During the first 4-6 hours after surgery, use an ice pack to minimize swelling. Do not put ice directly on your skin.

  • Significant bleeding should stop after 30 minutes, however it is normal to see some blood in your saliva for 24 hours. Continue to bite on a piece of gauze or moistened tea bag if bleeding persists.

  • Start using Vitamin D with Magnesium and Vitamin K to enhance bone remodeling and growth for the next 6 weeks.

After 24 Hours
  • Continue to take your prescription medications as directed.

  • A warm pack can be applied to aid in comfort and reduce swelling and bruising.

  • Begin to rinse gently with warm salt water. Avoid mouthwash or peroxide.

  • Chew food away from the surgical site.

After Two Weeks:
  • You may resume your normal exercise routine after 2 weeks.

  • There should be no need for antibiotics or pain medication.

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