Root Canal Treatment

When a patient’s tooth is severely damaged or infected, a root canal may be the best option. Dr. Alina Lane performs root canals for patients in New York. Patients who may need a root canal should visit All Smiles Dentistry for an evaluation.

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Root Canal Q&A

by Alina Lane, DDS

What is a root canal?


During root canal therapy, Dr. Lane drills into the tooth to reach inflamed or infected pulp inside. She removes this damaged pulp, cleans the area carefully, and fills it with a special material. Once the root canal is complete, Dr. Lane typically prepares the tooth to receive a crown.

When is a root canal necessary?


Root canal therapy is often necessary when decay and/or infection reaches the pulp of the tooth, which is located beneath the enamel and dentin. Once decay and/or infection has reached this stage, root canal therapy is the only way to save the tooth.

Signs that a patient may need a root canal include pain in the tooth, extreme sensitivity to temperature changes, tenderness when chewing, swelling, and discoloration of the tooth.

Is a root canal painful?


Without anesthesia, a root canal would be painful. However, Dr. Lane uses anesthetics to ensure that patients are comfortable during treatment. She will administer this anesthetic before treatment begins to minimize discomfort. If the patient starts to feel pain during the procedure, Dr. Lane can administer additional medication.


Most patients come in for a root canal because they’re already in pain. After the procedure is over, much of this pain subsides. However, patients may experience some sensitivity and tenderness near the treated tooth immediately after root canal therapy. Patients can relieve this pain with over-the-counter medications.

How many visits are necessary?


The number of visits required to complete root canal therapy varies. Dr. Lane performs most root canals in one to two visits. However, patients must typically return for crown preparation and/or to receive the permanent crown.

What are the alternatives to root canal therapy?


In most cases, root canal therapy is the only way to save a damaged tooth. If the patient chooses not to treat the tooth, they will most likely lose the tooth in the future. If you think you may need a root canal, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Lane at All Smiles Dentistry.

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