Whitening Home Care

In-Office Zoom Procedure:
  • For patients that want to whiten their teeth quickly and safely, we recommend Zoom In-Office. This is an hour long procedure where we apply a barrier to your gums to protect them, apply a strong concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, and use an LED lamp to whiten them.

  •  It is common to have sensitivity for a couple days after whitening. If this happens, avoid cold or hot temperature foods, take 600mg of ibuprofen or use a remineralizing paste such as MI Paste.

  • Do not eat any foods that stain for two days! Your teeth are more susceptible to absorbing colors immediately after the whitening procedure. 

Custom Bleaching Trays:
  • After your In-Office Zoom procedure, you will be given a set of custom bleaching trays. These trays are soft and should comfortably fit over your teeth.

  • You can use Zoom Daywhite or Zoom NightWhite bleaching gel with your trays to touch-up your teeth as needed

  • Zoom DayWhite should be used for no more than 30 minutes a day, up to two weeks.

  • Zoom NightWhite should be used for 2-4 hours a day, up to two weeks.

  • The amount of whitening you do at home will depend on how much staining your teeth accumulate. We generally recommend limiting the amount of whitening you do to 1-3 times a year.

Crest Whitestrips/ Over-the-Counter Products:
  • If you use an over-the-counter whitening product, please read the instructions and only use as instructed.

General Directions After Whitening:
  • Try to minimize consumption of coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco because these substances may re-stain the teeth during and after the whitening process.

  • Continue good oral hygiene throughout the treatment.

  • Store any remaining whitening gel in a cool, dry place for later use once the whitening process is complete.​

  • In order to maintain the whitest tooth shade possible, it is always best to avoid substances such as coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.

  • Some patients experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold during the treatment. Others may have nonspecific sensitivity in their teeth, gums, tongue, lips or throat. If any of these symptoms occur and are more than mild, discontinue the treatment until you speak to your dental professional. The symptom should subside within 1 – 3 days after interrupting the treatment.

  • Once you have completed the treatment, your teeth may be slightly whiter than they will remain. The final color will be achieved about two weeks after finishing the whitening process. If you notice that you are acquiring some stain, you may do a touch up for a day or every 4-6 months.

Do Not:
  • Use the treatment while pregnant or lactating.

  • Use any household or other whitening products to whiten your teeth.

  • Overload whitening trays with gel since gum irritation may occur.

  • Eat, drink or smoke while wearing your trays.

Please understand that whitening is not an exact science and that, therefore, reputable practitioners cannot guarantee results. I acknowledge that no guarantee or assurance has been made to be by anyone regarding the whitening procedure that I have requested and authorized for myself. I have had full opportunity to discuss and ask questions regarding the dental treatment, and all questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

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