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Youssef Dabaliz


Lead Dental Assistant

Youssef was born and raised in Syria, He studied Dentistry and obtained his degree as a General Dentist in Syria 2015. He met his wife, and moved with her to the United States after graduating.


In 2018, Youssef joined the All Smiles team as a Dental Assistant with Dr. Alina Lane. He contributed his skills and positive energy to provide the best possible service to the patients to help enhance the patient's oral hygiene. 

Passion for Helping Patients

Youssef is able to create a bond with a lot of our patients due to his infectious positive personality! He helps to make everyone's dental experience enjoyable and remembered!


Beside being a team member of All Smiles Dentistry, Youssef is studying hard to obtaining the US Dental License so that he can one day work as a Dentist in the United States. 

Fun Facts!

Away from work, Youssef enjoys his free time doing activities with his lovely family, which includes his wife and young daughter. He loves going on Fishing trips around New York, too!

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