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Cancellation Policy

If this is your first time coming in for your appointment, please allow a little extra time to acquaint yourself with the location. Your appointment is held especially for you, so please be sure to arrive on-time for your scheduled session.

A Cancellation Fee of $75 will apply for following:

  • Failure to show up/ missed appointment: This includes absolute no-show and failure to call to notify us.

  • Cancellation within 48 hours of your booked appointment.

  • Arriving to your appointment with COVID-19 related symptoms. If you arrive at our office displaying symptoms, even if you suspect they are simply "just a cold", unfortunately, you will be asked to leave and reschedule in 10+ days or after a negative COVID-19 test.


  • Our office will no longer be able to accommodate late arrivals. Time will be deducted from your scheduled session to allow for time to clean up and prepare the office for the next patient. We do understand that life happens, however, we need to keep appointments on time for all clients.

  • In the event that a client is 15+ minutes late: Appointments may be cancelled and a $75 cancellation fee will be applied if we are unable to complete the scheduled procedures during your booked time. In some cases, we may be able to accommodate some tardiness, but the office needs to be called and aware so we can prepare prior to the appointment start time.

  • Our purpose is to provide a nurturing healing space for you with the least amount of stress when you arrive for your long awaited session.

Our office is working hard to provide a safe and clean space for you to receive your session during this time. Time is of the essence for us to be sure we can disinfect spaces effectively after each patient! 

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